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Hurry Up and Wait... Encouragement and ideas for families currently playing "The Adoption Waiting Game"
Open Adoption Today Information for and experiences of birthmothers
Start Your Adoption Learn how you too can have a successful adoption.
Lifetime Adoption Lifetime has been providing adoption services to birth parents and adoptive families since 1986.
Let's Talk Adoption An internet radio talk show, hosted by Mardie Caldwell, founder of Lifetime Adoption.
African American Adoptions Online

Providing help, services, and counseling to African American and bi-racial families and birthmothers. We have an urgent need for families open to African American babies and children. Contact us today!
Adoption Minute

Watch short videos that provide helpful adoption tips to those hoping to adopt a baby or child.
Christian Adoption Online

Providing Christian families with resources to assist them in finding the help they need to build a healthy Christian home for a lifetime. There are also free services for birth parents seeking assistance in an adoption plan for their child or children into a Christian home.


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